Well today we will pick up on a road we drove in a rental last time we were in Armenia, mainly because the views are stunning and there is a lovely little river in the valley to camp at. We have forgotten its Saturday though… this could be problematic. Our drive starts on smooth rolling farm lands, like something you would see out of a movie, work trucks are moving hay, and the cows are, well really not concerned about us. The trail slowly goes further and further into farm land, where we finally pop out onto the paved road. Making our way through the small villages we wind our way up into the mountains.

He sleeps insanely well in the car even on gravel roads

Nearing the tops, it is time for lunch, so we take a small offroad track, which just gets worse and worse, to the point we have to turn around, and getting out was even a struggle. Narrow and off camber with a deep rut giving me grief. Luckily the traction control mixed with rear locker makes this little monster stable and predictable. Set up for lunch we reheat left overs and the cat goes about chasing butterflies. He’s got to burn off that energy somehow.

This looks good


We of course grab some meat for dinner, where we see the coolest chopping block and axe. We have some decent cuts of meat and carry on. Passing some very familiar statues before finding a very old church still in use.

Pulling up to the river on a Saturday, its packed. So, we drive the full road, till we find a flat area, its terrible, so back we go to a little side road where there are some people relaxing already with a BBQ going. There is a road that crosses the river and bumps us up on the bank on the opposite side which is a bit to tough for most cars to drive so it is empty, luckily there was a clearing for me to slowly pass and we climb the bank and set up camp.


The camp is stunning, although we did have a few mosquitos, but since there was a river, we were able to shower so using the spray is fine. We enjoy some select cuts of salami as chosen by yours truly.

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