With a quick drive down the main highway we hammer back to Casa to meet with friends, and see a few of the sites around town before Asareh has to leave for work once again. I may have gotten a clamp put on the car here for not paying parking also, but hilariously, the fee to remove the clamp is the same as a day rate of parking, then the ticket, which gets placed on the windshield stating paid, also continues to cover your parking for the day. So win win. And looking at the clamp, we could of just drove over it if required.


Our stops include an Irish bar, and a local pub, where we eat brain!!! Which is actually good and can be spread like butter on bread, well sorta, maybe cold butter, but it works. And another item to check off my list.

We also hit the famous Rick’s Café from the movie, although not from the actual movie, it is a recreation, but looks pretty similar. We pull up to the bar for a single drink, and end up having 4 as the vibe is great, the music and feel are just relaxing as we chat the afternoon away. And I mean who doesn’t want to sit at an old school bar and drink. I did my james bond drink orders LOL.


With Asareh having to leave, I get ready to drive her to the airport, our Airbnb has us on the -2 level of parking and the ute barely clears the corner so the save the clutch, and since I can select if I want the front diff engaged, I just slip it into 4lo which then sticks in neutral when I try to pull it out. I fight and fight with the stick and finally we have to call a uber for Asareh to get to the airport. A sad goodbye, but that’s how it is. Back in the parking garage I absolutely smash the stick and it pops back into gear, so add that to the fix it list.  I spend an extra day in Casa to prep everything and sort the ute for the drive back home.


I spend 1 solid day driving to the port, where I stayed in a small little town right next to it, this lowered my stress levels as the ute has also now decided to have some electrical faults. Just cant win on these last few days. But some tracking, I am able to stop the short for now. I spend the next 3 nights near the beach waiting for the ship to arrive.


Back at port I sit and wait in line and after 5 hours I can finally board. Boarding goes on for at least 5 hours past when I last parked. But it’s a great excuse to have a glass of wine and watch all the overland vehicles load up. Europe has an insane amount of truck style overland units.


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