A slippery little snaaakkkeeee, Some will get it, some will not. Either way we see many snakes!! Up early we have a quick little breakfast of bread and cheese before hitting the road, and of course we don’t get far before its time to stretch the legs in the forest and let the cat out. Plus we have made small sandwiches. We also stopped for lunch to have a brai and it gave us a chance to use our new cooker, and give me enough time to finally install our new compressor. So we now are good for offroad work.


In Fes we have gotten ourselves a place in a cave! Wooo just like in Turkey. It’s a nice place but the weather is till getting cold at night and with just 1 little space heater its okay, but not as comfy as we like.

The day in Fes is great, we eat couscous as its Friday, and that is a given apparently in the culture. And wander around old town visiting some of the more touristy areas and even getting lost and turned around as we tried to find out way out.

A few of the top spots is the Najjarine measeum and also the world famous leather tanneries. Which also smell terrible, but there are many pots where they are still doing the dye work to colour the hides. Very neat to see it still being done the old way, but if it works right?

We have a spare day, and head south to go for a small meal at a park, its lovely and not very busy at all which is great. Kebab and a beer. The perfect day out. Even nice enough to go in a t shirt for a small amount of time.

And one last stop in the markets:

Then it was time to hit Marrakesh, The top tourist town. We have a nice spot here at the golf course, with a kitchen so we can cook. Pan fried steak sounds good for dinner. This town is insanely busy, the old town is packed and the salesmen are good, we left with at least 2kg of Moroccan pastry, which did come in handy on my drive back to Turkey.



We hit many shops, looking at all the antiques, and sadly, baby tortoises. And of course, we grab a fresh juice from one of the many vendors. Asareh gets henna from a lady, when her hand in forcibly grabbed, then of course they extort for money. Very aggressive style here, so be careful.


Now its time for the snakes! Obviously, a show for the tourists, the guy grabs my phone out of my hand as we approach and starts snapping photos, I already know how this will go, he asks for money, so I give him 20, which is 2 dollars us for the photos and the small show, and he goes off, I want 200!! Blah blah blah… well then discuss it with me before. We walk away and continue our journey. Don’t let them guilt trip you.


We finish at a nice restaurant with a view, the food is quite good and we relax with a slight breeze keeping us cool.

On our spare day, we head towards the mountains, but never quite reach them, but we did find a good spot to pull over to cook.

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