Seeing blue, and lots of it, something about Morocco is every city has a colour they stick with. Today, we are headed to Chefchaouen, the famous blue city. But of course, our day starts in town with me looking for someone with a drill to drill some holes for us to mount our air compressor. Some searching later, we find a shop, and I remove the front seat, it’s a nice little 45-minute job before we are back on the road, I didn’t install the compressor yet, this will come later in the trip.


Moving south along the coast we end up turning into the mountains for a change of scenery, there are a few waterfalls in the distance, but the terrain does not allow for easy access. A good place to stop for a smoke break regardless.

Before heading into the blue city, we head in the hills across the valley for lunch and let the cat have a run around. The weather is great with the sun shining on us for most of our drive.

Entering the city, we find our Airbnb and then head out on foot to check out the city, and of course hit up the only bar in town. We get a meal, but I don’t eat as I am feeling quite sick. I must have drunk some bad water from the tap possibly, maybe just been sitting a while? Who knows, it passes quickly though and by morning I am ready for an adventure through town.


Everything is blue, everything, Asareh is running around clicking photos, absolutely loving the look and feel of the place. We even grabbed me a new bracelet as mine from Iran had finally broken. The town wasn’t overly busy which we put down to it still being winter, so jackets were required, but it keeps the number of people down.

The streets are so tight only motorbikes or these tiny vans can get around.


We find the river through town, and sit for a Moroccan tea right at the edge of the water. Lovely way to end the day.


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