Reunited at last, Asareh had to head to Morocco over a month before I even hit the road, so meeting back up was amazing. Even if I did cause her to panic, after getting held up at customs for 3 hours due them scanning every vehicle, I had no sim card, and the guys at port as normal try to rip you off, so without any contact I drive all the way to Tangier, before going into a mall to get some free Wi-Fi to let her know I have arrived. That night we hit up the beach front and get some almond paste. Afterwards having a dinner of Moroccan cuisine.




We spend the next day in town walking around looking at all the old forts, buildings and cannons. Even made a stop at the US Legation Museum.

And of course, some tea at hotel Continental which looks stunning on the inside.

Coffee break at the famous cafe

We only spend 2 days here as its just enough time for me to recover from all the driving before we find ourselves leaving town again and heading towards Tetouan, of course we wind our way through the mountains on the north east corner along the straight of Gibraltar.

I even find a snake! Just stopped and there it was. Way cool. It was a Horse shoe whip snake. Harmless, but we were not sure when we saw it, so I didn’t pick this one up.

We have a nice little Airbnb for the night, which has been freshly renovated. And was very very clean, plus we got candy on arrival. What a win. We headed into town for dinner, forgot to take some photos, but the volume off seafood for the price was insane, it honestly felt like theft.


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