We roll the dice yet again if Georgia will finally let me cross into the country after all the paperwork fiasco of last time. But of course I first had to wash rinse repeat my normal start up procedure of getting the rig out of storage, washing it, fueling it up, then enjoying a beer. My first issue came from the second fuel tank, I left it empty and the hose must have dried up a bit, so it had a very very slow leak, which after about 4 hours sealed itself back up. So that a win. I quickly headed into town to meet up with Asareh and her family, with a meal and a drink in my belly it was time to head to Lake Sevan, now after sitting for so long the batteries were a bit low, and the alternator had not done enough high rpm work to jump them, so I found at every stop light, quite frighteningly my oil light would come on, after a few moments and catching on why it was doing it, all was well with the exception of the radiator.


We enjoyed a great meal at the lake with our host and I spent the next day with everyone relaxing and doing a nice bbq at night of perfectly cooked pork. Just fabulous work I would say.

This blog will cover a few days as I moved quite quickly and didn’t take a heap of  photos, But with the sun rising on day 3 I am packed, fed, and ready to roll. Motoring to Georgia I get across the border without issues, well I mean a few questions about me being refused entry last time. But eventually everyone came to the party and they let me through. Fun fact though, If the customs guys see that you are taking ages to get through you bet you will be pulling every item out of your car for inspection. Luckily its no issue and motoring into Tbisli I find parking and get out for the standard requirements, a sim card, some food, and a new radiator.

My new friend Georgio has guided me to many places and lined up repairs for me in advance. What a fantastic guy. I also drop my head lights off for stripping and cleaning. Gotta get this wagon looking mint. We finish the day at his house enjoying beer and a bbq (well the bbq was the second night) and his wife provided an amazing spread of dishes for dinner.


With the new radiator in, it promptly failed and began leaking again, so after fighting with the shop for a refund, which they wouldn’t do, I ended up back at Georgio’s house to clean the old radiator, we must of spent 45 minutes with the pressure washer and with this baby looking new again in it went, now at idle the fan can hold paper on the intercooler through 3 radiators which is impressive. Now its time to test it!!

Part 1.2:  You Can’t Drive Here

Lets go!! With the wagon buttoned up it was time to head for camp. With a few location changes, I decided to head to Truso valley. The drive was lovely, and I stopped at Georgio’s recommended restaurant for a feed. Khinkali is on the menu, and maybe a beer or 2. I have been told to order 10, because of my body. LOL anyways at max, I power through 7. Like a perogie but with meat inside.

With a climb up the mountain ahead, the sun shining, and that sweet sweet straight pipe singing away I make miles. As I approach Truso, I find there are hikers everywhere. Non stop. I am now beginning to wonder if that no cars sign was for all motorized vehicles, or just small cars, either way I am 5 minutes from camp so continue on, plus there is a ton of 4wd’s out on the track.


Set up for the night I notice it is getting cold quickly, So the heater is hooked up to stay comfy. I enjoy the night with pork, beer and a small fire for warmth. Great views and a good camp is had even its -3 outside.

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