The final blog of this chapter, we wake extra early to make the most of the day, with a final vacuum complete, Pina walks through the car with dirty paws to inspect. He looks unimpressed. Either way, its clean enough, we place the vehicle in storage and lock the doors, I will have to collect it at the start of April 2023 to get it out of Armenia for the customs paperwork. But that’s okay.


We get a wicked cool taxi into Yerevan where we quickly setup at the Airbnb, before stepping out for a cheeky afternoon beer. Then a nap of course, since our flight is at 3am, we know we will have a late night.

Around 6 we head out into town to check out the local art work, The cascade complex is where we start. Super cool and some actually good art work, except for the Subaru… come on man, wrapping a car in silver is not art. The view over the city is fantastic.

How is this art? seriously…


Our second last stop is a cocktail bar, we are given a menu which we promptly refuse, and just tell the bar tender, to surprise us, I want whiskey, Asareh wants vodka, and he’s off, we don’t get run of the mill cocktails either, these are flash ones we have never had. Daboo cocktail bar for anyone who is keen. Prices are very fair for what you get.


Our last stop on this journey, is a burger joint. Asareh proceeds to sorta eat “The worst burger she has ever had” I nibble on mine. Which is a shame as I was looking forward to a nice burger.


Our lap of Armenia to date is below, I will add to it when I got collect the car. After some repairs which are now waiting for shipping form Perth.   


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