One day I will grow up, but not today. Either way, today is our lazy travel day, after yesterdays blow out distance and time wise, we have decided to drive a massive 90kms. That’s it. Were done. As a bonus our first town has some cool cranes! And everyone (Me) loves cranes.


With the fridge and bar stocked, we find a local cheśma (pronounced Cheshma) or natural spring and fill our containers with some cool clean water. As you have seen in previous blogs these are so nice to even just stop at, and splash water on your face so you feel clean for the rest of the day.



I find us a nice shady spot, we set up the chairs, I make use of the bulbar… to be just that, a bar and we lounge it out all day. Pina is finally getting used to cows as they wander through our camp. We enjoy a gin and tonic as the sun sets over Lake Sevan. This is how a day should go, well once in a while.


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