Fuel Calculations


We pull up to the gates of the CKGR and prepare ourselves. We are beyond excited. Proper off road time.  We talk to a local who runs the private camps sites about fuel consumption. I’m not liking the numbers. I sit and crunch numbers while Asareh pays all of our fees.  We should be able to do 750kms with the fuel we have.  700 overall is the distance.  Lets run it. I love a challenge.

Entry to the park


We refill the water jugs and with the wagon weighing in at a hefty 3.1 tons we push into the sand. You can also buy good wood at the gate for 30 pula per pile. 

It’ all about the hats

We motor along the tracks spotting animals here and there, but nothing majorly exciting. So after a bit we decide to pull up for lunch, why not on a pan? Awning out and a cider we relax for a solid hour in the shade. 


Top tip: Don’t be afraid to lower tyre pressures, it can make the difference between a memorable trip and a trip reminded of broken beer bottle and rattled teeth. I will put a blog up on this later on. but on hard pack tracks its not uncommon for me to drop down to 28PSI for a nice smooth ride

Pulled up for lunch Our curious neighbours

Pushing on across pans and windy roads we hit our campsite for the night, we stop and chat with an older couple who had been 3 days without seeing anyone. We stop for a chat and get info on the road ahead, all he says is v-sand and its deep. The worst bit would be that I would be blazing a trail as the Iveco carves a wider foot track.

Out on the pans New mapping software


We setup for the night and Asareh reads over the maps  and we even have time for a small nap while our bread dough rises. We have a light dinner and flat bread, it’s a bit dry but we are learning. We have a fun night around the fire with a few drinks in hand. Smiles and laughs all around.

Cant beat fresh bread on the road The happy chef You can see by the beer and G&T someone is double parked We bought the best sweat pant combos Cooking dinner


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