Sand….deep sand,


It so bloody soft. We rise and make an amazing breakfast, avo’s and all. Heading north we start hitting this soft sand we were warned about, I drop down to about 10/12 PSI and we carry on, fuel consumption sitting around 25-30L per 100 im starting to worry a bit.

Breakfast of championsLocal Village

We carry on and stop for lunch at our campsite, this was way to short of a drive, tomorrow will be impossible so we make the choice to carry on. A few kms more we hit a village in the park and buy a spoon that we still use today. 50 Pula.

Guys we bought the spoon from Lunch on the run, Savannah is the daily lunch drink of choice Motoring on, happy campers for a 40 degree day


Not much to see through the middle as there is no water so you just have to keep pushing on. The scenery is nice though as the leaves were yellow. Its was cooking out though.  Pulling up around 4pm we find a nice little spot hidden away. Green curry night and some tea all home made of course. Gotta love it.

The sad donkeys of Botswana Tucked away for the night

I am on guard all night, it’s the standard for new areas and in the wild. No issues and no noise.  A good sleep.

Fuzzy cause it was dark, but a night cap of tea is always a great finish


Bonus photos:

Featuring: sand, sun, and one heavy pajero

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