Where do we start today, it was a mish mash of side roads into the mountains then back onto the main road for 5 kms then we would whip into the next side track. But of course, that is not before we start with breakfast and a lazy coffee. Moving into town we cross a bridge Asareh wanted to see, almost 2000 years old and still used daily for traffic. It’s been repairs multiple times but still looks original. Amazing how long stone work lasts.

Happy campers as always Pasli

But of course the highlights are always outside of town, so move up the mountains we arrive near Imbriogion which is old church/cemetery buildings, right along the road so no walking required even so that is always a win win. Moving along we head to Pasli to explore the old ruins, still in tact in some places but the rest is just the remains of the walls, but luckily there is a local that sells us some vegetables for our dinner in the next coming days. This is all a gentle lead up for our visit to the men of rock! This was built in the second century AD and was believed to be a cult following, so we pull up in 40c weather, blazing sun, where is it?? Ohhh its down 100+m of straight down cliff trail almost, absolutely brutal climb down, going up was pretty bad now that I think back actually. But that would pale in comparison to the carvings which were absolutely stunning to see there in the middle of nowhere. I suggest paying it a visit if you are in the area that is for sure.


Back in the A/C we decide on where we will go eat, we find ourselves heading back into the mountains but it doesn’t keep going up, we are following a river, I like where this is going, we arrive drive past a small restaurant with a local at the gate he waves us down but we go past as we had a different place picked but as I cross the bridge I just went, you know what? This is far enough, we spin around and head in, and luckily we did, the whole place is lined with old tunnels from the romans! The water is the perfect colour and even a waterfall or 2. I mean can you really complain? I go for a dip and we enjoy some lamb chops, shisha, and some tea, of course we request tea in bulk and sit with the owner for a chat.

Not a bad view for lunch

It is now way late, basically 4pm which is normally when we are done, but we have a place booked in Gaziantep! A mere 3.5 hour drive, we point the wagon east and put the hammer down. With “east bound and down” playing I’m passing everything in sight. We arrive around 8pm to a hotel that is a very old building but in Turkey still considered new. Parked up next to a castle, sadly there is a rubbish issue still but across the street we eat with the locals, I over eat as normal. We get an early night as it has been a big day and we are both a bit cooked.

Looking the part as usual 



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