Waking up in Gaziantep, we have a lovely breakfast in the hotel before going out for a walk in town. We walk past spices, and dried fruits and a multitude of copper wares, yet still… no cup of christ, my dream of being indi continuous, Asareh hates it. You will find as you travel through these countries each area has a specific trend for dessert, or fruit. So, its always exciting pulling into a new city.


Heading north we decide to go look at an old fort, Rumkale, which sadly was closed for foot traffic but as we find out, we can grab a boat tour. We pay the money and get on a boat assuming it is just a tour around the area, maybe an hour… 3, well almost 4 hours later!! Well worth it, we stop at a small town and grab ice cream in the heat as its touching 40c. but once on the boat again we enjoy the cool breeze and stunning views. Well worth the stop. There is even a small little taxi to ferry you back up the hill so you don’t have to walk.

Heading towards camp I stop for a minute to relax, only to find the car wont start, the battery terminals are toast. But some small work has the car running again but no radio, well only for about 15 minutes then it magically turned back on. Gremlins? Who knows? We end the night in a small town just south of Mt. Nemrut called Sirakaya which has a great little place for people to setup and camp. A stress fee night enjoying a coffee as the sun set in the distance. It’s been a long day and we call it an early night to prepare for tomorrow.

Good night all

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