Today we back track into town to do a restock, a rather lazy day overall. We start with heading back about 20kms to Kahta for meat and vegetables. A simple shop just to ensure our next few days are stress free and good eating. On our way back in we stop at Karakus Tumulus to look at the remains of the old temple. There is only a few pillars with eagles on top and some stuff on the ground, but the weather is beautiful and you can see for a good ways from the top of the hill. Its worth the stop to break up the killer long drives we are doing today.

Pretty good shape considering the age!!!


Just another maybe 6km up the road there is the Cendere bridge from the roman times, and boy is it busy there. People come here to chill. We find a place to park and soak our feet and determine where we will camp tonight. We decide on a place about 600m up the road, where you can drive down a little goat track, to the river in the valley, its even busier here. But a good rule is how far will you carry a picnic basket? Drive 300 meters further and its empty. We end up doing 4 or 5 water crossings and find a nice empty place and setup. We do laundry, cook kebab, play back gammon and even sneak in a nap, the benefit of small driving days.

Although it does rain and we do notice the river rise a few inches, we have placed a marker rock that will determine if we were to pack up, but the water dropped before it reached the rock, so I good sleep was had.

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