With the test run a success Asareh suggests we head down the coast, and like I would ever say no to her ideas. We spend the next week collecting everything we need and before we know it, the Paj is loaded and ready to go. We get a decently early exit from home and head east. Its hot out… so hot. Todays drive is mainly to cover some distance to get us where we want to be, but of course not without the mandatory tea stop overlooking the ocean.

Packed and ready to roll Out the gate!

Speaking of overlooking the ocean, the road winds along the coast most of the way but they are slowly updating the roads for proper toll freeways. The infrastructure here is incredible. Triple lanes wide through mountains. Top notch work. But we continue along the coast till we reach the ancient city of Anamurium and go for a quick walk, its pushing into the 40’s and straight sun, even my hat is letting me down, but we are all smiles as we are on the road and you gotta take the good with the hot.

At least Asareh is way more photogenic then me…

We push a bit further onto Akcakil campsite where we pull up for the night and go for dinner at the restaurant. Lovely place, although a bit expensive for camping. But acceptable for a 1 nighter. We enjoy a cool ocean breeze at night that brings us relief.

The wagon has held up great today and all seems to be working well. Which is great. Till next time.


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