With our return from Iran (Blogs to follow) we decide against the rental car and make the plan to get the wagon running asap. With tools and oils at home, I call a friend who then tows the wagon out onto an old house foundation where I will begin my day. Starting early, with Asareh in tow we begin piecing together the gearbox, and with some muscle we get everything seated in place. It takes me till dark, but under the lights of the apartment complex I roll through the gate to the applause from our friendly security guys. Absolutely stoked!!

After Hours celebrations

There is only 1 thing to do after getting a vehicle running and that is pack up the cat and the swag and head out for a test run weekend. We started with a lovely water crossing before parking up in a canyon not more than 30 minutes from our place. We Park up and relax long into the night, the cat takes a bit before he leaves the vehicle, but once he was out, he spent a few hours working his way around.

The next day we are greeted with 40c weather and straight sun, perfect weather for a dip in the water. A few locals join us as well, but leave early in the afternoon. We spend the night cooking some salmon which we enjoyed with a lovely glass of wine. The camping setup isn’t quite to spec, but we are living a good life.

Good Night All

Heading home the next morning we are happy with the overall performance of the wagon and are ready to pack up for a trip in the next few weeks where we will spend 3 weeks working our way to Rize, Turkey and back to Antalya.

What a beast


Short and sweet write up to get us moving again. I will for the rest of the blogs change between Iran and Turkey before moving onto Ukraine.


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