We spend the next few days before Sean has to leave relaxing and getting our Kebab on. But of course, you can’t leave a country without a good old fashioned transmission removal. What a heavy beast. We nail it in 4 hours though and the box is tucked into the wagon before we tow it back into the compound for parking. But we at least made the most of the week and headed out to the ocean for a few drinks and some river spots for the cook ups. A solid win in my books. 


As you can see form the photos, the oil is a shiny metallic red, which leads me to believe that we suffered clutch pack failure internally. I will eventually open the gearbox up and rebuild it if possible.

That is not supposed to be that colour


We also witnessed a few vehicles stuck where I go to mangal. The river is deeper than it looks and rocky bottom, so the cars sink and that’s it. Pretty exciting, we helped the van owner and were rewarded with tea. So, it always pays to be a good citizen. Shame we didn’t have the wagon as that would have made it easier to get everyone unstuck.

The next chapter brings a very amazing story! We head, shall we say, next door. Can you guess the country?

Huge thank you to Sean for some of the photos and being the best mechanical assistant I have had to date*


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*Subject to easily change...LOL