Today, I make sure we use the good camera a bit more as we are going to drive a route suggested to us from the campsite we store the wagon at. I spend the morning trying to photograph some birds. They are much to fast for the setup I am using. But I will keep practicing.


Leaving camp we stop maybe 2kms down the road at Hnevank Monastery, As we climb we see heaps of great campsite places further down the river, just with a few trees at least for protection. The church is in quite bad shape but is still being worshipped at. There was a large living quarters here that we parked in front of. It appears that the creators of the church is still up for discussion from my reading.


Moving on, we start to find small plums in the trees on the side of the road. So, we help ourselves to a small bowl, more on this later.

And once again, how about these classic cab forward dozers with air cooled engines! Neat-o


Now we move into the good bit, working our way up the pass, the road is gravel, narrow and steep, exactly what we like. In some areas we are pushing down grass as not many people travel it, or we just ended up on a very very side road. The jury is out on that one. For this section though we will just let the photos do the talking:



At the base we find a man with a van, a broken van, so being the people we are, we stop and get ready to give him a tow. But while we are playing around with the car it does start, but then dies, then starts again and he is off, so we follow just incase he needs a tow into town. He stops a grave stone he has built himself for his late father and invited us to view it and gives us lunch, we try to decline but he insists for aiding him. Its all fresh fresh greens, and home made cheese. And maybe a shot of home-made alcohol too.


Finishing off the day, we decide to grab enough supplies and head back to the lake campsite in hopes no one has taken it. Luckily not. We park up for 2 days of nothing. And it was good. We finish the night with some sweet and sour pork belly.


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