Our day begins very uneventful, a nice wake up. Coffee, followed by a smoothie. While Asareh is around the car relaxing, I grab a bowl and get crackin, I have found black berry’s and by sacrificing my super sexy legs I wade into the shrubbery for our delicious meal. Well maybe it was just a partial bowl, but it was still good! So, points for trying.


Pina is doing what he does best, Climbing to sit in areas we can’t reach him.


Our drive today starts as any other day, I stop to air the tyres up from yesterdays adventure, and we motor through town and stop to get diesel. Pro tip, always ask if they take card, luckily Asareh waits with the car and the owners son drives me to the bank to get cash. Lesson learned once again… same issue in Namibia, but there were zero ATM’s for the last 8 days on the road… so not totally our fault.


We make it maybe an hour down the road and I can feel and smell something lightly burning my nose, Asareh, who is sitting on the battery side starts mentioning there is a smell. This isn’t good. We reset the gps for a battery shop in town and pull up. As I pop the bonnet we can see steam coming out of the battery. This is never good. The battery cools and luckily it doesn’t explode. This is the second battery we have had fail now, both were 3 years old and had taken some serious abuse in Africa, so I figure it was just there time to fail as the voltage of the alternator is spot on. With a new battery we are on our way.

“Oh no” music plays in background


We are still driving with the bonnet on the latch though, as you can see in the picture to try to get some extra airflow through then engine bay as we are suffering some serious heat soak problems with the fan not working right. We also stopped here to grab water as well. Once again a natural spring with ice cold water.

The road winds through the valleys and before we know it we are getting close to our destination, Arevatsag canyon, This will be our home for the night. Its empty, we have it to ourselves! The camp setup is just perfect tonight! Best photos yet. I am also using the new camera heaps more.

The sun sets and paints the rocks behind the wagon. What a bloody good view. With some kebab underway, a few snacks, some wine we find ourselves really properly relaxing except for 1 problem… 1 dog in the area has decided Pina is a problem. I see the issue unfolding and get in between the dog and cat, Pina, knowing something is up starts running for the car, which is good, but doesn’t quite beat the dog, who luckily enough was clumsy and mowed him over. Pina spends the next hour in the car rethinking his choices and then begins to wander again.


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