Ahh yes, what do you do when you have a private area next to a lake, go swimming of course, well not fully swimming, but we at least got wet. Not much going on these 2 days, ohhh except, remember the plums?  Well we had sugar so Asareh made jam. Now that is how you do breakfast in the morning now.


With our relaxing time complete it is time to slowly work towards the camp to park the vehicle again, we drive by many abandoned hotels and resorts, some look like they ran out of money during construction and others due to age. Either way, we stop for a beer in town with our lunch. The beer is horrid, still drank it, but it was no good.


Our finally camp for the trip, pulling up next to a highly rated restaurant, we find a spot in the trees where we setup, it’s a great spot, heaps of room, and butterflies for Pina. Everybody wins! Everybody continued to win during nap time as well.


Our meal was amazing, except my dessert which I figured would be an actual chocolate selection plate, but instead was a local candy bar. Meh, you win some you lose some. I still sneak some of Asareh’s ice cream.

I agree menu.. the heart is truly a small bbq


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