The next day on my way out I swing through the old asbestos mine for a quick peek, you can see the massive tailing piles

Weather has left nothing behind


The area sees a lot of rain, here is a piece of solid concrete it flipped as the rivers can rise very quickly.

The sock makes sure the spot doesn’t get damaged

As usual with me, I found a side track and went a couple kms down, till I could go no more a little bot of a wander was had, thought I found an old shaft. 

Leaving the area behind I headed for Yamprire gorge, and what a great area that was, a nice river to camp by, a giant 5 cyl national engine left behind. Cool stuff. But the track deteriorated at about the 18km mark and had me turn around to find camp

This engine was massiveTurn around point The area was amazingly green and wet

Spiders all over, golden orbs. The webs look amazing and stretch for up to 20 meters between trees, here is some of the web I pulled off my car, had I been driving a lesser vehicle I may still be stuck to this day… 


Camp for the night, a slow flowing river that I was rather enjoying until i pulled my foot out and something resembling an alien was attached to me.

Now that’s nice


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