The next morning I awake to find a spider has built a home between my swag and my car. interesting getting out of bed if you have ever seen a golden orb up close.  After a quick pack up I put on my hiking boots and head up up up.

The view from the top was great

Then back into it, here are a few photos of washouts, coming this way they were easily spotted, but the other direction the steep drop offs are a surprise and can clearly do a heap of damage, I hit a small washout about 4 days back and knocked my steering out.

Top tip:  When entering washouts with speed keep on the brakes hard until you are just about to enter then let off so your suspension can rebound and absorb the impact.

Found some more exploration tracks at another mine.

Then had to wait for the iron ore trains to pass. Got a wave from the operator so that makes it all good.

We have had a lot of rain here over the last week.

And my final camp of my trip before arrive near the town of Nullagine to begin my 2 week swing on site, I had some visitors in the form of dingos come around camp.


Hope you enjoyed following along on the adventure. There will be more.
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