I fear for my life… more on this later


Waking up we pack up quickly and head out before it gets hot and the gravel gets soft. In true fashion I point the wagon straight up the drop off from yesterday’s stuck and power straight up, was it a display of shear skill or just bragging? We shall never know…


Driving down the highway we cut out a bit of gravel but pass the two sisters and head to skull springs for a photo op. The water we are finding is crazy. There is nothing 50 meters away then it is an oasis. Anyways I grab a non stick frypan and begin to dig in the gravel.. looking for my gold nugget. Alas it alludes me yet again. Asareh is questioning if the pan I used was non stick… something about abrasive gravel not being good for them.  We have a little snack before moving on heading back to Nullagine. We stop at mosquito creek to have a look at some old workings before heading to the pub for a beer and to plan our next move.

Can’t beat this water

A beer down we decide to push for Marble Bar as its only 120kms away, but its also 1pm, the sun is cooking through the front window and it’s about 42c out. I try 80, I try 110 it doesn’t matter. Its just hot. Fearing for my life Asareh has gone silent. There may have been a comment about how stupid no AC is.

We touch pavement and Marble bar is in sight, I will live another day. We pull into camp and quickly grab a cool beer, Hutchy isn’t far behind as he needed fuel and that gave us a chance to spread out to avoid dust. We have a laugh and relax before cleaning up and heading to the iron clad pub for a feed.

We find a plaque of all the deaths in the early days, with room at the bottom for recent ones? Don’t piss your boss off out there. “died of mysterious circumstances” At the pub a few CDC boys rock up, Gavin from Millenium days even and we have a laugh till late, a bigger laugh at the smoker’s tree. With this being the hottest town in Australia the night is actually rather cool.

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