Waking up as the sun warms the swag we have enjoyed a surprisingly cool night, blanket required. So we are sleeping good on this trip so far. I make an egg sandwich to get me moving and stand near the water and stare at the fish swimming back and forth as Asareh and megs take some more photos of the area.

Not a bad place to wake up

Corrugations for days!!

Packed up, its time to head out, the sun is out and already getting a bit toasty.  We back track a few kms to the carawine gorge north road and take the trail. Its dusty, and Carawine north has only dirty water in it. Heading north we hit the river and actually need to do a water crossing, now normally I wont bother walking the clear ones but because the old wagon doesn’t have a snorkel I double check, plus getting the feet wet is a good feeling (the wagon has an old school foot vent so it feels like ac almost)



After a few kms of zigging and zagging through the gorge we hit pavement for a mega high 14kms about before we turn back onto the gravel and head into our campsite. Pulling up we luck out and find a great spot in the trees, the gravel is super soft but easy enough for the vehicles, mine being light, and Hutchy having bulk power on tap. We set up and quickly get in the water for a drink.

A bit later we have a couple pull up next to us and ask about the area, I say there is some shaded area about 50 meters away, she looks and then head back to there vehicle before he promptly chassis it on the drop off. We go up and help them unhook the trailer and he is able to air down and drive off. Followed by setting up right next to us. But I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

Next thing we have Hutchy’s mattress out and are floating across the gorge to see the cliffs close up and of course do some diving. The water is perfect. We slowly float back with everyone kicking in a different direction our progress is slow… very slow. I’m looking like a lobster, I require shade asap. Haha. A few nibbles on shore then back in the water, this time I have snuck a ring in my pocket. A sneak it out and show megs quickly and she exits the water, and I pop the question, SHE SAID YES!! 

She said yes!

As a bonus the station hands all arrive in fashion in the choppers and put on a show. We finish the night with pasta and a fire, I show off my fishing technique which is a hook and bait chucked out and left to sit for hours which after about 1.5 hours I hear the drag take off, Fish on!! I pull up a decent sized cat fish, but decided not to eat him. They make weird noises on land.

The stars are out, the beers flow and we enjoy the shadows of the cliffs against the dark sky. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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