We waste not time getting moving in the morning before it gets hot, pulling along the main drag we stop and grab a snap shot in front of the hottest town in Australia, but not before hitting up the local shop for fresh bread, Asareh has prepared a great sandwich before we head out of town and Hutchy is testing out his new camping chair.

Heading west we pull into the comet mine museum and have a look around and then get about a 1 hour story about the history. Worth the stop and the old guy running it has some good stories to tell. Prepare for a sit. But it’s a good time overall. We pull out and starting heading through heaps of construction work. I’m sitting on about 55, and a worker on the side gives me the slow down sign? Okay I figure, I slow, then give him the thumbs up, down or what sign? What do you want? Nothing in reply from our hi-vis friend. So I chuck a few fingers out the window. Next I hear the 2 way come to life


“You wanna slow down mate”

“ I am not speeding”

“Attention all road users there is a blue Pajero speeding down the construction road”

It worth pointing out at this point I have lost my shit, Asareh is trying to get the radio out of my hand but I have moved it out of her reach and am now clutching it like Golem.. my precious

“I was going 55 when I passed you”

“I will be reporting you for speeding to the local police”

“Get F*^&d mate I wasn’t speeding  you  (list of expletives)

We continue driving through the site without further issues. I calm down a few kms later…

Today was otherwise rather uneventful. We finish our drive just as it gets hot and decide to splurge and get a room with A/C at Auskie road house. This was a great idea. We sit out and enjoy a Gin and Tonic before hitting up the roadhouse for a meal. Cant go wrong with a pizza. We may have also cheated and also had a burger earlier in the day. Our diet plan is out the window.

We finish the night with a few final beers with Megs and Hutchy as they are headed for work tomorrow.

Its been a great trip with them and we hope to meet up again for another trip. Tomorrow we continue on our own.


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