The hum of the A/c is amazing. But its about to end. A quick shower and I pull up to the diesel pump and begin fueling for our next leg, Hutchy also fills up one last time before he heads out, Grabbing brekky we prepare for the day, we are headed to Wittenoom.. oh wait. Plans have changed, Asareh drops a mega bomb. She has never actually properly been through Karijini. We power south.

Good Morning Auskie

Due to the last minute changes we have booked camping online but are in overflow, but we still go. Cause why not. We stay to the pavement and head for Weano Gorge to keep the dust to a minimum. We arrive around 11, its getting warm, but not to bad. Clutching a 1.5L water bottle in one hand and Asareh phone in the other we head out into the gorge. Down we go. Then we need to climb along the water, for those that cant swim.

This brings us to the narrow bit where you walk in the slow flowing river to get to Kermits Pool. The water is cold, so cold. I still get in for a swim and Asareh works her way across the rocks to sit with her feet in at the other end. We relax for a bit then out of nowhere! LIZARD! Its fallen from the rocks above, were shocked, its shocked. A small panic later its on the rocks and I can snap a picture. His claws are no good on the smooth rocks so to avoid more panic I leave him alone.

Hey buddy Ahhhhh

The next stop is the info center, but not before corrugated roads. No one airs down. And to make matters worse they set the speed limit at 60, which most know 80 or higher is better as you float on top. Arriving at the visitor center its cooking out now. Asareh wants ice cream and we find it. Enjoying this treat we work our way through the museum before deciding on a second ice cream. Cause you know… the diet and all.

We pull up to fortescue falls and go for a quick hike before some more swimming practice in the shallow end of the pool. The weather is lovely and we decide after 30 minutes to head into the gorge a bit further to have a cheeky beer or 2 on the warm rocks.. well super cooking rocks. Even in the shade they are hot.  Refreshed we head to camp. We are in overflow as this is last minute booking and quickly snag the last big of shade available. Dinner and stars all night. Only issue is a few tools kicking up dust doing bog laps. We get it… nice Nissan.


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