Same Payload

We crawl out of the swag to see most cars are already packing up and on route to get there travels started. Karijini has been very busy due to covid keeping everyone in the country. But it is still worth the adventure. We grab a light brekky and coffee before heading straight for Tom Price to refuel and restock. Cant forget to stop and have a park beside the old haul truck and a coffee before trying out the new Red Dog Way that follows rio tintos rail line up to Karratha. This is a freshly opened dirt road that cuts about 150 or so kms off that drive. You used to be able to use it with a permit,  but now it’s a free for all. The road is in decent shape and there is a lot of construction with it planned to be fully paved by 2022 I do believe. 


We turn the wagon for Millstream and make our way to Deep Reach pool for lunch, we get the place to ourselves and soak our feet in the cool clear water while these giant cat fish stare at us from underneath. Curious critters.

Deep Reach Pool

Looking up I spot a huntsman spider chilling out, he’s checking out my lunch beer I think. Oh I will add, this round since we just had a small fridge we began grabbing ice for our cooler bag to keep the drinks extra cold. A great idea since we only had a 50L fridge.


We head to the home stead and go for a look around and even have a crack at morse code. There is still the old cooking area and stove even. Sadly the last set of big storms have destroyed a lot of the walking trails behind the house so we just set out feet in the small river and just enjoy the sights and shade.

The Old Homestead 

At camp we setup and have a few gin and tonics to keep ourselves cool.  We watch as the sun sets behind the trees. This will be our last night in the bush sadly. But the trip has been amazing.

Camp Setup, Gin and tonic time!

Can’t argue with that view

Happy Camper


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