It finally happened, we finally met red dog. But more on that later. Being our last day for driving, we are slow to wake and pack. A quick egg on bread to keep clean up to a minimum. The camp was nice and we were treated to good company next door along with the standard stunning night time star show.

Coffee before the road

water supply for up north

We don’t get far though…. Maybe 2kms down the road and it happened… just kidding. Mitsus don’t break down, we just found a nice place to sit for a 30 minute break in the river. The water flows around us, the shade is great, temperature all around is spot on. Even the wagon looks relaxed. Upon traffic showing up we pack up and head out.  A small wander around the park leads us back to paved road and we put the hammer down (95kmh) and head to Karratha.

Needed to dip the feet for a bit

Pulling into town we quickly head for the hotel and shower up along with pop into the pub for a feed and beer.  After some relaxing and laundry, cant wear that red shirt everyday, we head to Dampier to see red dog.  This has been years in the making. Its been talked about, I worked right next door even and never quite made it. But here we were. No tears unlike that damn movie. Brutal. We snap a few photos there before heading to the beach to see the port, second largest in the world for bulk exports.

Back on the black top

On the drive bac we see the famous bogged digger, its been there for ages and apparently was removed the week after we left. But the night finished with a drive around town looking for a car wash (none) but I did get an offer from a friendly local who said he would leave a hose out for me if I wanted. Of course this is after a few beers at the pub. I turn down the offer, hand wash then more dirt roads? I can wait. We settle in for a sleep in A/C before Asareh fly’s back to Perth tomorrow. We have also decided that due to the time frame for leaving the country and our wedding planned I should just motor home instead of heading back to work.

The Port

The famous sunk digger


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