We wake up and head for the airport in our Sunday best, or close to.  A quick coffee and sandwich we part ways. Now its up to me to make some miles to get back to perth, a mere 1800km drive.  I set out loaded with fuel with my first stop being Tom Price to collect my work tools. I end up in town getting some straps to tie the tool box down. The road steadily rises up headed for Karijini, the scrub passes out the window and the massive trucks force me to pull off the road, This is WA 101. Its odd, but it felt like I got some down hill headed into Newman and the wagon picks up to a blazing 120 and we make some ground up. I get just south to Kumarina and pull up for the night.  Its been a big drive.

I am by far the smallest car on the road up here

I snack on the left overs from our trip, before have a couple beers and falling asleep early. The night is cool, and the morning light brings just enough heat to lure me out, where I promptly show off by rolling my swag up in record time, hopping on the roof to strap it down then going for my sunnies which are now tightly wound in my swag… ugghhhh. LOL but it happens. Redoing the rolling then a quick shower and I am off. Todays drive is straight south to Miling where I am meeting up with Simon and his family for a drink at the pub before crashing the night. A quick stop in Meeka for a bit to eat and a look at the old mining equipment. 

Waking up to the last day I roll out, another 300 or so kms to go. I take a few back roads though on the way home through Toodjay to have a look. Twists and turns, even a bit of rain. Then you crest the hill and get a full view of Perth. Home.

North of Miling


Here are 2 maps of the drive we did. This trip plus my Exmouth run I have racked up a solid 7000kms on the wagon. Pushing it over the 290k mark. Solid effort by the old rig.  

It doesn’t matter what you drive folks, just get out there and explore.

Hit that open road


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Bonus Photos!!!