Up early, I have a look at the old haul truck parked up, you can see into the engine. Super cool.  before a quick bit of power adding to the wagon. Bit more fuel to get it moving.  A quick phone call lets me know Asareh is on her way to the airport to meet friends in Port Hedland to drive down. I swing into the local IGA for some fresh meat and bread and head to the servo.

Now Thats a truck
Massive engine

Lets get this adventure rolling, 100km out of Newman the pavement ends and the fun begins. Airing down to about 28psi all the way around to float over the corrugations I take off, The wagon glides effortlessly of the dirt. Pulling up to the pub, I have a cold refreshing beer before Asareh shows up, thanks to our travel buddies/ good friends, Hutchy and Megs. We even run into Knuckles at the pub and enjoy a few to many beers before setting up for the night in town. The pub has a great feed.

And were ready for adventure


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