Waking up on day 4 to a stunning sunrise and a cup of coffee I began heading to Paniwonica hoping the rain hadn’t closed the roads, I had some flooding to deal with but nothing to major for the wagon.

Just stay in the middle and you will be fine

We were good and I found myself quickly back in the dust headed to Millstream national park, the roads are overall in decent condition, air down to suit.


Arriving in Millstream was incredible, there was no one for miles and I enjoyed this waterhole to myself for a solid 2 hours. cool and refreshing.

Now this is living


I spent the night camped near the old homestead which has been turned into a cool museum and a nice oasis out back, I highly suggest going for the walk through the old gardens out back as there is heaps to see and nice little rivers crisscross through to trees. you forget you are surrounded by red dirt for a bit.


Packing up in the morning found me following the pipeline out that the water corp uses to supply the nearby town… 100km away

The white gum trees love the water

The area opened up into grassy plains, then I found a great spot to stop and have my morning coffee and make brekky.

And what do you need after eating? Well a shower of course, This nice little place is a short 500 meter walk from the road. water is a good temperature, albeit a bit dirty, good enough for a wash in my books.

My goal for the night was to find a campsite deep in the park. The track wasn’t listed well on any map. So away I went. The track was hidden by a water crossing through a small waterhole, I only just noticed it by fluke after some other driving.

The wrong turn The right turn

Which led me here about 15 or so kms later, well you can see the pajero parked, this was from a small hike I did. Camp setup, beer in hand, floating around in the water. it was a great way to kill the day. 

View from my hike Camp complete with laundry


The pilbara is a spectacular place as the sun sets, reds fade to browns, but not before putting on a grand show.

Nobody for miles and miles

My nightly visitors continue to pay me a visit, this hard working mom came for a peak before heading off in another direction

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