A good nights sleep on some grass and a warm shower had me on route and heading to Nanutara due to road closures from rain. Either way it was gravel so I was happy.

Found an old grader on the way


And an old water tank


Quickly reached my destination.. about 5 hours later. Then found myself following an old track to get to camp for the night. The track didn’t look to well used and I quickly found out why, and were stuck, dropped the tyres to 8psi, dug out all 4, then packed spinnafex under the wheels to gain traction and out I came. It was a bit of a rush situation as more rain was coming and I figured if I sank anymore that would be it. 



Travelling alone you quickly learn how to get out of sticky situations with what you have currently available. a small shovel and nature.
Headed to camp


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