A solid sleep and away we go for day 3. A trip planned to reach Mt. Agustus about 200kms to the east, but of course on route I go hunting for old mines, which lead to a field of quartz but no old pits sadly, and an old shearing shed on cobra station.

Making my way the hard way

Yes thats a road.. and a good one


It was a good 45km side track, but always worth it to get the red dirt on the car, the road slowly got worse and worse but I kept pushing.

Washouts are very common

Had to stop for a refuel, due to no fuel at Gascoyne. This involves emptying everything out and loaded the 100L fuel cell by hand onto a blue box to start the gravity feed using a jiggle hose.

Jiggle jiggle jiggle



Motoring on I actually ended up at Minnie Creek station and asked permission to continue through there station back to the main road, a short 21km side track and a couple of gates later. I quickly found myself in the bulldust again

If you open it, close it. This was before any dust issues


Then found myself at a water crossing….welcome to Western Straya


Down the road I ended up at cobra station and had a peek in the old shearing shed, cool place to have a look around. lots of old mines in the area but i only found piles of quarts

Apparently these are quite rare in this good of condition


After I was satisfied with my exploring it was time to head for a quick dip near the Mount.

Cool water on a hot day


Then a hike up the mount. Always worth the view.

Worlds biggest monolith

You can see for miles here


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