Where shall we begin, Basically it starts with me sitting having a few beers on a Saturday night with my mate Simon, who made the comment that 40L of diesel wont be enough for my trip, well will be cutting it close. Next thing I know I’m at his place loading up a 100L fuel cell. Which was a good call for where I ended up.

Lets get this story started now, smashing it from Perth to Canarvon in a day was a good drive, no photos, as all highway and just trying to reach the Pilbara as quick as possible.

Waking up on day 2 of my trip I am off and running into the mid west, Gascoyne Junction is my first stop for fuel, and…. No diesel available, instantly happy about the 100L pod. Motoring on my first stop for the day is the Kennedy Ranges, top notch area, bit of 4wding, about 10km of hiking, and some stunning views from the range that juts out of the surrounding flat plains.

Arriving in style

Did a bit of driving that took me out to an old bore pump:

These tracks haven’t been driven in years The old bore pump

A short hike found me at pyramid mountain, where I teed off to two different locations: A longer hike found me looking out over the area, stunning, love it here:


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