Making a quick exit from the hotel gets our day running.  On the hunt for a good carwash as the wagon is 10 pounds heavier in just salt crust. I find a place with underbody washing so up on the ramps she goes. We grab a coffee and relax, it takes about 30 minute to a complete wash underneath, in the engine bay and body. With the wagon looking sharp we head on. I have plans to make a short cut to some rock paintings, but the road is gated, even though its marked as a normal road, okay, we get a number off the gate and call and drive up to the house, the owners son comes down to talk, very friendly so I explain where I am headed and we just want to pass through, in the mean time the owner walks down. This guy is not a happy camper

Owner “ why arnt you talking to me I am the owner” <- angry right off the bat

Me “ whoa whoa we are just explaining the situation lets all calm down”

Owner “ The miners come and lie and drive all over my property”

Me “What? I just want to follow the legal road through”

He continues to blah blah blah and I finally cut him off and ask is it a yes or no? I don’t care about your problems with the mine. Obviously it’s a no. okay, we hit the highway and have to take the back track route which is fine as the dirt roads allow some high speed rally driving anyways and the wagon is running light as we haven’t restocked.

Nice area to stop

We arrive where the paintings should be and go looking but never find them, apparently you need to go on a tour and quite the walk to discover them, that’s alright though as the area was very nice and full of little caves, most filed with garbage sadly, but other areas were untouched. We find a nice place and setup for lunch, home made chips and Russians. Of course we enjoy a drink while sitting in the shade. This no rush moving is nice.

Shade is always welcome out hereNow that’s a lunch

Back on the highway the cruise is set, the tyres are aired and we put the hammer down. We are going to reach the city today, but not before stopping for some of the best biltong along the highway, recommended by many people. We finally hit 4 lane highway! Living the good life now, The wagon is chewing the miles up and running like a champ. We arrive around 6pm and get settled in before heading a couple blocks back to the pub for lunch. .



Sadly full of garbage


Biltong stop:  The West side of Usakos on the main highway B2, north side, can’t miss it, next to shell service station. Stop in!


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