Our day in Windhoek, with some quick planning in place we head out for a laundry stop, and drop the wagon off for a service. I lucked out and the local Mitsubishi dealer was able to squeeze the wagon in. The shuttle us to downtown and we begin exploring. First stop, the meteorites on display. Actual meteorites. Although a bit smaller than the others we have seen. With coffee in hand we work our way to the supreme court building for a look. We stop in at the local church before Heading to the Independence museum, it was nothing like the movie. But filled with great info on what happened through the years and there first democratic vote. We also stopped at the national museum of nambia which will keep you busy for an hour or so. I found a cool lizard out from.


Cleaned up for around town


We stop at the bushman shop, its by far the coolest place to visit here. So much stuff to see. Highly recommend stopping here. With that completed the phone starts to ring and we go collect the wagon, I get the paperwork and laugh as it says scratches all over. I have a quick chat with the service manager about our trip, he is interested in how I got the custom rego plate and thanks me for picking a mitsu. We leave with a fully detailed wagon. Amazing.

A must stop Ya, I woulda given up too

With all our daily duties completed its time to party and we head to Joes bar, we are told we cannot miss it. Apparently its another place that requires pre booking, but that isn’t a problem. I pull into the wrong parking lot and have to spin around as luck would have it 2 guys also travelling Namibia in a 4wd do the same thing so we have a laugh between vehicles and end up parked together across the street. A small chat later we head in as a larger group. A good night of stories and laughs. We all get zebra steaks except Asareh who gets springbok. The meals are cooked to perfection and the beer flows.

Best drinkin place in town


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