We tried to stay an extra night in town, but the place was fully booked, so instead of looking for a new place we start heading south which is a good idea as we only have 2 more days left in the country before we overstay our visas. Packing up and a quick breakfast followed by a quick chat with another group staying. Bit odd to see a fully kitted 4wd staying in a place like this instead of camping.

We have a large day of driving, 427 kms to be exact, but its all highway, even then we still prefer short days on the road. Normally leaving by 11 and shut down by 3-4. Some days we cover 50kms some days 200, but rarely this far. Luckily we find a farmers market halfway through, which is perfect as we are hungry. We stop at the petting zoo for a look then move onto the food area, one older couple is making curried pickled beans, which I highly suggest buying. Her husband also produced moonshine and gave me 2 shots to test, 2 shots on an empty stomach is a bit rough, but it was tasty.  We grab a feed, lamb ribs and potato salad and I enjoy a hotdog. The tunes are bumping and we enjoy a spot of shade and a drink.

Apparently we Crossed this line We had to park with the sun behind us at there was a tourist bus on the other side and we didn’t want to wait

Hammering along we turn off the main road hit the gravel on our way to the Brukkaros crater. A very interesting feature on the land, check out the google maps of it. There is an abandoned camp ground up top we are planning to stay at. None of the reviews mention the wind issue.  The road up is a bit rough but proves easily overcome even though I need to stop to reattach the VNT solenoid vacuum hose. The view is good, we notice a slight bit of wind and setup and are straight into a vegetarian dinner and wine (someone didn’t double check the meat situation)  <- it was me.  The wind has been slowly increasing and eventually knock my wine over. Uggghhh, fine. I put the fire out and we move to bed.

All hell breaks loose about 2 hours later, gusting wind like I have never dealt with in my life. It somehow restarts my fire which was put out with water, and then promptly blows it away. At least that’s as far as that got. But the tent is taking a beating, The guy ropes has pulled out of the ground and with both of us in the tent the back half lifts up.  I make the call, we are gonna have to move the vehicle with the tent up to put it facing into the wind, at 1 am with Asareh in the driver seat I wait for a break in the wind and off we go moving the wagon.  Asareh climbs in as I put the dual spares pointing out from the rear and then retie the tent ropes to them, they will hold no issues. 

Lovely area, just to windy to even launch the drone for a peak inside


Back in the tent we are getting hammered, I figure at the current wind speed by morning our drive to cape town will be shorter. 1 of us thought it was funny, the other did not. I have to get out of the tent 3 more time to reset poles and strap canvas down. The best part was where I snored through the rest of it while Asareh sat up thinking of ways to kill me, we I assume that’s what she was doing.  Huh? Oh she says no she wasn’t.


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