The sun finally peaks over the range, but the wind has not left. We are both not overly well rested. We get up and I drive the wagon down the track a few 100 meters to move around an old wall to take the tent down, this was a struggle. But we make it happen without killing each other. Poor tent took a beating but held up. It lives to fight another day.

Leaving the worlds windiest campsite


We are on the road by 8am, a record for us and we head down the road before pulling over to make coffee our of the back of the wagon. The wagon is getting hammered by wind on the highway, killing my fuel economy haha. Asareh sleeps and we pull into a small town to grab so meat for sandwiches and dinner. Steak for days!!  It’s a rather boring drive south only because we are only on a time limit and we skip a head of cool places, although in another blog I will cover fish river canyon.

Fueling up on the Namibian side to empty most of our cash stocks, 111L for a final amount of 1600N. fuel is an okay price, nothing to crazy. And we managed 12.4L per 100 while doing 120 with a load on the roof.


At the border I wait in line at customs and the truckers let me go first, awesome guys. And I find out I don’t even need to see customs, well maybe I do but they don’t care. Easy enough, I’m out before more questions come. In the customs office I get quickly stamped out and go see Asareh who is havng a slight panic about the date stamp in her passport, they stamped her 2 days earlier than mine some now. Either way she has over stayed. And in true Africa operations, they don’t even look, just stamp and we are gone. Easy peasy.

No rookies here

We have a good chat with the police on the SA side, which was a positive meet after the issue with customs only wanting to give me a 7 day visa. You have to stand your ground with customs. And know the rules going in. With everything sorted the police give me some info on the road ahead and we are off. We stop at Orange River campground, buy some wood and setup. We are back in what feels like home, so we celebrate with drinks and marking our maps to see where we have been.

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