Seriously, always take advantage of showers and laundry when it’s available. We head south to Springbok, grabbing fast food for the first time in ages, burger and pizza. But in a change of events we found Chili bacon, now this is an amazing treat and if I am found dead before 35 this will be why. Asareh snaps up 400 grams. We make a quick exit to the wagon as locals are following us begging for money, 1 is fine but a group gets unease pretty quickly, we don’t pack up just chuck groceries on the wagon floor and we b-line it out of town.

Good Enough place to stop 

Stopping at a shady area we repack the wagon and have a cup of tea, and maybe a few pieces of chili bacon.  We quickly cut of the main road and head for the coast, twisting through dirt roads the drive is great and the views spectacular. We arrive at Namaqua National Park and make our way in, slowly the area gets foggier and foggier. We stop at some caves and I am stoked, I go running with torch in hand like a small kid, apparently it’s not a cave, just holes in the rocks. Let down I walk back, Asareh is having  a laugh as she already could tell me the geology.



We stop a few places for some photos, then pull up to a wet camp, it’s so misty out it feels like rain.  On top of that we are almost out of lpg and dinner takes ages as we can’t get a fire going. As the night air creeps in we retire to the tent. The weather is perfect for a great nights sleep. Fantastic.

Making our way along the track Time for a drink


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