Waking up still in thick fog, it feels like something from silent hill. It takes absolutely ages for coffee, this gas issue is becoming a problem. But we figure we will only be camping 1 more night as we are headed back in towns for the rest of the trip. We pack up our wet gear and motor on, the trails winds along the coast and we pass a tractor smoothing the road so we have a good drive after that.

We stop and check out a few cool rocks, and even luck out and find a bearded dragon, doing 40kmh on a road, how do I spot these guys? Skill. But I have driven right past an elephant. We swap drivers and Asareh takes over, she knew somehow there would be 34532 gates up ahead,  open the gate, close the gate… and on and on and on. This is unfair. We stop by the road to enjoy the seaside and some home made dip for our carrots. We eat quite well and healthy on the trip, some simple prep can avoid fast food take out for ages.

We took the railway line south for a shortcut, the key is to pop out before the overpass to avoid security, lol. I got busted last time in a rental car. I found a little tortoise on the road and picked a heap of ticks of him, as he was covered everywhere. Hope he’s doing well.

Today’s goal is Lamberts bay for dinner at the most amazing outdoor restaurant we have found. We arrive decently early in the day and setup camp and just chill. Luckily there are showers and we can get all cleaned up for dinner, nice shirts and all. We move a couple of seats till we get a place close to the fire as its freezing out. Now I should mention, when I heard seafood buffet I figured a range on seafood, not 10 types of fish, I know like fish. It was a great meal, you cutlery is mussel shells and they have a large range, there is a seafood mix with mussels and stuff if you don’t do fish and they don’t a roast for later in the night as like a dessert? I guess. Asareh is fished out, even her fingers smell like fish. We finish with coffee on the fire before walking back to camp.


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