Its my Birthday!!


Waking up Asareh is able to shower before the water can even boil, we are totally out of LPG, but that’s alright, we still got coffee.  We start motoring south towards our destination of cape town.  Asareh has booked us in at a special hotel for the night. Little did I know we would be staying on a BOAT!!! How awesome is that. Well a yacht actually. Very cool place. We unload and settle in then decide it is time to hit the waterfront. VA waterfront has quite a few decent restaurants so we quickly find sushi and dig in with a G&T to wash it down.  The weather is lovely, the view decent.

Next on the list is the Aquarium, this is a must see. Heaps of selection… that makes it sound like a buffet… and even some interactive displays. Getting up close and personal  with the clown fish is fun and who can resist getting in a turtle shell.  And for once I am not lying about it actually being my birthday!! So the photo is legit. You get these all over Africa, we grab a copy at special occasions.

Heading into the mall I grab a shave and Asareh treats me to an amazing gift of a shaving set. Definitely worth it (first use looked like a murder scene) . Moving on I find a Gin shop and we stock up on a few bottles for later, it was all a reasonable price. Then make our way back to the boat.  A quick shower and dress up sees us headed back out to our favorite Braai joint. You can get damn near any animal here. We enjoy some springbok, zebra and ostrich. A great end to a great day.


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