We have a rough night as we had a bit of water coming in through the ports, odd, but we deal with it. Its normal for a boat anyways. We are guided on how breakfast works, which wasn’t exactly all inclusive, as we actually have to pick a place to eat and there is a limit. But its okay, we find a cozy place with a fire place as its actually a bit cold still with the morning rain. Brekky is great, bit of salmon with eggs benedict. I go off to get the paj out of parking and bring it up to load. In the world of Africa, He who has the bigger car can park where they want. It’s a win win for the 5 minutes you need to quickly pack up.

Looking Tough all cleaned up The Afrikaans Language museum


We hit the road and motor towards Paarl to visit the Afrikaans language monument, we seen it last Christmas we were here but didn’t have time to stop, very cool place. Hollow inside which was a surprise to me.  We spend some time there before grabbing a bite.

The rest of the drive is along the wine route were we stop and get wine at Arabella which I highly rate. With the car now way overloaded on booze we push for Mossel Bay for the night, but not before a quick cup of tea on the side of the road. The local farmer came out to see what we were up too, then left after a quick chat. We arrived in the dark which I hate doing, but that’s okay. Our host in the bnb blessed us and told us a few good stories before we turned in for the night, but not before some sushi.

Tea break Great view


Double day bonus!!

Mainly because I am running out of photos and we smashed this drive out pretty quick. We leave bright and early headed for wilderness national park but prior to arrival we pass the Kaaimans River and lap back to have a peak, and hey, a bar. So we grab a drink, and Asareh has a swing. There are some stunning places to find just off the main road.

Growing up is optional Natures Valley

Pulling into the park I pay entry and we head out for the seven pass road, which about 2kms in I realize we didn’t have to pay. As we are already out of the park, clearly my map is a bit out.  We wander through the back country, switch backs and gravel. We follow this till the main highway where we quickly zip off south to natures valley, another twisty road, which is you don’t get back on the toll road is actually a tight twisty paved road that has been closed for a while but is still passable. Highly worth the drive. We roll into Port Elizabeth a bit late, but we gained an extra day in town which we will need for what’s about to happen.

Coming to the end of this trip


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