The wagon gets a decent clean which will be pointless in an hour, but preventive care right? We grab a decent breakfast at the hotel and head towards Walvis Bay, there are oil rigs all along the coast which is very cool to see. In Walvis we refuel and grab coffee and some sweets from the bakery, were gonna need the energy for the sand. Heading south towards Sandwich Harbour  we pass heaps of flamingos and hit the beach, the sand is somewhat soft so I air down before we even start. We power south and find the giant dunes that meet the ocean!!! Amazing stuff. We got for a play in the dunes and I snap some photos of the wagon looking tough. I somehow don’t get stuck, regardless of having to start in slight uphill slants or soft sand. These wagons are highly under rated for how capable they are. Back at the ocean the skies clear and the sun comes out so we setup and have some tea. A good break.

Lets go!


Like an advertisement Sand for ever

Forgot to turn off the traction control, but the exhaust sounds great!


We power back through the dunes instead of along the coast to mix it up a bit, dropping down some rather large dunes. While airing up I may be complaining about the salt coverage on the car again. But I quickly forget as we head into town to meet Dawid from the pajero club and grab a few drinks and sushi. We have a great chat and rather enjoy our time in the relaxed atmosphere. Car clubs allow you to meet so many great people all around the world.


For dinner we go to the “TUG” soup and seafood platter, great meal and the feel is okay, although a little rushed, its mainly all done by bookings, so we lucked out and got in. We finish the night with a bottle of wine. Preparing for tomorrows drive out to Windhoek.


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