Seafood is all we want, it’s been months since we have had anything fish related. So we proceed south, on route we pass a seal colony so we stop in, I had no idea how loud they are, let alone stinky. You basically walk through them, very cool, babies all over. We even see whales breaching in the distance, I struggle for a photo as I have to be fully zoomed in and wait to move to the required location. Split second shooting is always fun.

Sleepy guys

Finishing up with the wild animals we go past the Zeila shipwreck, a trawler that has been left to the test of time, the birds have claimed it, according to the info I found it ran aground and there were a few recovery attempts but in the end it proved too costly.

Left to the birds

Pulling into Swako we head for the sea front, and quickly find ourselves seated and binge eating. Sashimi, mussels, sushi and fish n chips conclude our meal. We hotel it in town, staying at the Hansa hotel, a classic hotel, very nice. We decide on 2 nights. And I luck out and get parking inside the walls. I spend a bit of time cleaning up the wagon and book it in for an early morning wash to get all the salt off it from the previous day. We finish the night heading out for a walk into the old german part of town to grab a feed, Schnitzel and beer is in order. The pub is a happening place with good music and friendly people. We fall asleep in a room with climate control… spoilt.

Seriously… so lazy and stinkyMOM!!!! It might be nap time here


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