This phrase is how you cross into Zambia. You have been warned. A side note, you have to be firm with the people as they will push push push. the second and third time I crossed the border they remembered the vehicle and I had zero hassle. 

I start the day with someone how succeeding to make puffy omelets, I hate them, Asareh says they are good and actually hard to make this fluffy.  Showered and Fueled up we head for the boarder. The Botswana side is painless, a quick stamp and we are gone, and inline for the ferry!!! I snap up the last spot and we embark for Zambia.

Top tip: don’t get in line for the ferry, small cars pull straight to the front and use up left over room from the trucks

The Bridge was not close to complete at the time but when I drove through again Feb 2020 it is getting very close to completion. Rolling off the ferry is where the fun starts. First parking, This place is a cluster. I snap up a spot near the front and collect all my paper work.

Step 1: Passports, this is easy, pay your money and head on.

Step 2: the car…. Ohhhh the pain, I will do a write up on how to get through this quickly in another blog though as we suffered for almost 3 hours but the second time I nailed in 45 minutes. Back and forth multiple times to the car. I know my vin and engine number off the top of my head and Asareh has carpel tunnel from writing it out 8374743 times.  After that suffering and not eating we are edgy and are ready to leave.

Arriving back at the car the locals are informing me I need reflectors on the corners, okay I enquire into prices, 100P This turns into an issue quickly as there are 4 of them and just Asareh and I.

Me “That’s to much, ill give you 50”

Them “no boss 100”

Me, already tired “no, im leaving”

I finish putting my paperwork in the car and look up to see he has put on 3 outta 4 reflectors..

Me “WTF mate?”

Them “ 100 pula!”

Me “ we said no, im not paying, take it off”

Them “ no you pay”

Its drawing a crowd now, which is what you should avoid. 

Asareh “ we got 30 pula, that’s it”

Me “ take it or leave it mate”

Them  “ 100 100 100”

Me “ I said no, here is 30”

Asareh visibly agitated “ heres 30p and 20 kwacha go away”

Me “ get the F away from the car”

I put it in drive and just start moving, the noise the rig makes causes them to shuffle a bit quicker.  Exciting.

5km away we stop at the local social club and order a beer and chicken, which I am sure he had to catch first. But it was tasty. Welcome to Zambia. We arrive at the lodge and unpack, straight for drinks.



Wagon does look good parked up at a 5 star resort though.

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