Because its funny to say and Kasane’s In Sight

With just enough hot water for a shower we pack and motor on. We had plans to drive hunters road but due to work we decided we need connection and power onto Kasane. The road here is nice, 120 the whole way, a few ellies getting about overall a nice drive, stop at Pandamatenga for a cheese or chili sausage, 20 or 30p I think. Worth it.

Arriving in town we grab a bite of ox liver at the local restaurant and get all caught up. I find a place down the road to stay for the night.

Hot showers – Tick

The camp is incredible, on the edge of the Chobe reserve so we have wild pigs, mongoose, red bums, small deer, and a good assortment of birds in our camp. And by camp I mean in our camp.  A few games of back gammon are had, I am suspecting Asareh of having loaded dice as she has won the last 6 nights in a row. A light salad and tea finish the night.

Sometimes great lengths are needed for a level sleep

I wake up at 2am and trip out as the trees look like an elephant. Asareh shakes her head as quickly falls back to sleep. What did she put in my tea?


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