More Elephants than you can shake a stick at

This will cover our 2 days at Elephant Sands, mainly please just enjoy the photos of baby elephants playing. And big elephants ruling the joint. I have been having a slight issue with food, mainly I/we now struggle with processed food. You eat healthy every night then discover when places cook using not so fresh ingredients. Anyways I spend the morning sick. We have a very light lunch. And I choose to move to the liquid variation. As it seems to keep me feeling alright.  We spend some time by the pool and chatting with other travelers. The night ends with a scorpion that I relocate so they don’t squish him and a steak dinner. We spend night 2 watching elephants bump a tent for water. Its funny cause its not us. I’m sure inside its terrifying.

But i’m not here to bore you with our lazy days! so please enjoy the elephants



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