The attempted early wake up,

Time, 8am. Temperature, Bullsh*t. We crawl unwillingly our of bed and start the day. Coffee, shower and hit the road headed for Francis Town for a restock and laundry. Apparently I cant wear the same shirt every day.. no matter how good I think it looks. We pull out onto the empty highway and put the hammer down, music cranked, bang bang bang.  “What is that? RTT straps aren’t on, maybe a bit to lazy on pack up. I pull over and have to be quick as every woman selling anything on the highway has seen me pull over and is on route with speed. The main issue?? They don’t have fat cake.

Its busy in town The best food is found in the local markets


I suggest a little short cut which will actually save us time, the map says paved even. The real time update says gravel for you, and bull dust and construction. I sit stuck between 2 trucks in a cloud of dust for 30 minutes, no idea how close I am to the truck infront or how close the truck is to me. More stress than I prefer for a morning drive. We arrive safely in town and begin looking for laundry, 160 pula later we are sorted for a tomorrow pick up.  We do a light restock and even get the wagon washed. After a quick game of rock paper scissors for weather we camp or hotel it, we head for camp even though the hotel won. The price was a bit steep. I spend the evening tearing the car apart for Asarehs baby coconut, which I do believe I still have safely tucked away for her.

All washed up Dinner


Double day blog bonus!!!

Which honestly means nothing really as we had a slow news day. But on the plus side I crank up this morning with cinnamon infused coffee, basically a self-trained barista at this point.

There is excitement in the air, we are headed to Elephant Sands. We skip breakfast and hit the road pushing on for an hour or so before pulling up at Queen’s restaurant for a feed, 10P per chicken piece. I may have over salted the chips. Okay I did. SALT.  As we leave town I notice there is no 120 sign yet.. we keep going and going, I’ve been ever so slightly touching the cruise up button.  Now at an apparent 108 in an 80 zone I get pulled over. 660P on the spot fine. Uggghhh. Seriously though, im nailing it for tickets in every country.

They even had the card reader there… Top chicken


We arrive at Elephant sands exactly 1 month and 1 day early. But that okay as they squeeze us in. We spend the afternoon sitting within 10M of these amazing beasts as they go about there day. Spectacular. That night is spent cuddled up on a seat watching the elephants in the night. A group of 30 people and not one peep.


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