Up early, I make a pot of coffee with a hint of vanilla.. which goes unnoticed.. the effort I put in.. .sheesh.  

It is way to bright for this time of day Morning at camp, about to get ready for the day

An omelet and sun keep us occupied till 930. And pack up is slowly getting quicker and quicker.  Rolling on we decide not to cut over the down part of the fence and instead head back along the salt flats for the view and drive out where we will pop out into town. We are a little nervous still from yesterday as you hear stories of people getting stuck for days out here. So following in Jeremy Clarkson’s feet we decide the only option is speed and power. At 80kmh the pajero makes easy work of the salt, floating effortlessly and oh so smoothly. 

Hanging out on the flats


We figure we are good and slow down to release the drone, while filming I can feel the car breaking the crust, GO GO GO, hammer down again and leaving the drone playing catch up we hit hard pack.

Back on the track and killing time we play a car counting game, pick a number and what ever vehicle you get is your prize. Asareh won a cow transporter truck and I collected myself a healthy looking cow with a bell, “horn broken”

Looking back at the salt flats

At the Vet fence the operator asked us for petrol but we couldn’t help as we are strictly diesel.  Pushing on we get to the view point and have a quick stop for cake. Round 2 of the deep bull dust, so deep in fact I am scraping the bash plates. But luckily we pop out in a small village with those sweet sweet paved roads. A quick inflate and we are off again. Passing past a 789 DT we stop for a quick photo sesh, a mere 59000 hours on this monster, basically brand new.  In Letlhakane we stop for fuel and some internet.

Healthy lunches everyday

Just needs a dulux rebuild

Top tip: fuel usage can increase up to double in some situations, always calculate and make sure you have a safety margin.

We used 105L for 750kms. Which averaged out to 14L per 100 for most of the gravel/sand. Very happy with the outcome.


On route for the rhino sanctuary we stop for a quick bite on the side of the road then arrive around 3pm, grabbing camp spot #6, and with wood at 25P for a pack, we unload a bit of weight and head out for a game drive. Spotting rhinos right off the bat, and even some giraffes drinking pee. Nature is pretty cool sometimes right.  At the bar we have a few springbok shots and hot chips before making our way back to camp to cook chicken and relax around the fire.




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