These 2 blogs will cover a 6 day period in Livingstone, as we checked out Victoria falls and surrounds.


Waking up we head to a fantastic breakfast then quickly hop in the wagon and head for Vic falls. We figure we will hike boiling pot first and get the hard stuff completed before it gets hotter. What a walk, but the view is worth it, we even got in trouble for sitting in the wrong place. Oops.  Falls are running and looking good. Its massive in person. We walk along the top for a good view.  Back in town we grab a quick bite and sort out money and sim cards.

Top tip: Get a sim card in every country. Its cheap and sure comes in handy

Back at the hotel we book some activities,

Elephant interactions? – Check

Boat cruise? – Check

What have we missed? We spend that night hopping on the boat tour with a set of binoc’s and went on a sunset tour.  The chat gets rolling slowly, and before we know it the front of the boat is all in new formed groups chatting away.  Free flowing gin and tonics have this effect.  We spot a female croc on the shore. Cool stuff. Hippos bob around everywhere.

Day 2:

Waking up early we are off and running to the elephant interactions, Excited doesn’t cut it. We pull in the drive and there are elephants wondering around all over. 4 of them show up for the interaction, 2 small babies, the mom, and one big male.

We spend sometime feeding each one and having a feel of tusks and trunks. Very cool animals, each having there own attitude, which Asareh discovered rather quickly. We finish we a hot cup of tea and hop back in the van.

Nap time

Okay, now that were well rested and relaxed we get dressed in our Sunday best and head to the classic railway, a steam engine slowly chugs along and we enjoy some history of the area then we head out back to sit in the open air with a drink. The train clicks along the tracks as the bridge slowly appears around the corner. We stop right in the middle of no mans land on the bridge between Zim and Zam.  We spend the next 30 minutes parked up here enjoying the sights and sitting in the engineers seat on the train, got to even blow the horn. Super cool stuff.

Now a train ride isn’t complete without the 5 course meal, complete with red wine for the ride back to station, and of course, if you don’t go all James Bond and jump off a moving train are you really living? Ya, we did that.

Day 3:

Laundry day, 175K in price and you get it back ironed and folded. Good deal. Besides that the hotels charge 1-4 usd per piece! With our daily business sorted we make our way to Devils pool. This was to be a hit, was. We head to Livingstone island and get in the water, they won’t let Asareh avoid the swim and walk across on some rocks. So I go alone. It feels a bit to controlled, to safe. Overall feeling was, if you are on the safe side check it out. If you want a bit more excitement stay tuned.

The lunch was good though, but honestly not worth the money that they charge.  Rate it a 4/10 personally.

We spend our last day in the hotel and head down to the bar for some drinks and to watch the sunset. A lovely place.


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