Livingstone continued

Day 4:

We pack up the wagon and enjoy breakfast, and as usual I get questioned about my fake plates while packing. There not, but super unusual for the locals to see ones without numbers. We make our way into town and Asareh goes and sorts her hair out while I go hit up the local market for vegies and meat. The ladies have wandering hands. And apparently I am to be wed to one of the ladies selling tomatoes. A good laugh, the people are normally quite friendly, 1 guy threw a comment in there native tongue but since I work in DRC it translates the same, surprised him and that ended very quickly.

Now thats some fresh cuts Somebody got new hair

We are now camping, its cheaper and we decided to spend 2 more nights as we are enjoying it here. The campsite is full of monkeys and elephants are in the distance shaking the palm nuts out of the trees. I head out around lunch to pick up a cabin air filter, a massive thanks to Henry for making sure it arrived from SA, the dust was just getting to be to much in the cab. This should solve all the issues.

This little guy almost got me killed


Back at camp we play more backgammon which I finally win, no need to mention the running score though… we finish the night cooking the meat I got from the market hanging outside. Was a good cut. Wood was cheap at the campsite at 20K a bundle.

Turned out nice

Day 5:

Our last day in Zambia, a phone call leads to a change of plans and we have to slowly make our way back south. We spend the day doing some cleaning and packup. Playing games. Asareh makes potatoes patties and shirazi salad. A good touch for lunch. But enough of that, now its Jacuzzi pool time.  I did devils pool and that was a flop.. way to safe. This one is run by locals, pay your 50K in total and head on out. You drop into a tiny little hole and get within 200mm of the edge to look over. Way way better. Such a rush.

We finish by hitting up a nice resort for a few drinks. They had zebras! Pretty interesting pets to have wandering around. The night is ended with setting up the tent again, this is where a trailer would be nice.

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